2023 Registration Info (Hillsdale Athletes)

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What are the registration fees and what do they cover?
Registration fee information can be found here.

How do I pay?
During the registration process you will be given the option of paying via credit card online or by selecting 'Cash' you will be able to E-Transfer payment to [email protected] 

What equipment will I need to participate?
Required equipment info can be found here.

What days & times will are games?
We are currently awaiting information from the league but last year's schedule was as follows:

U5 - 6:00 Wed
U7 - 7:00 Wed
U9 - 6:45 Mon
U11 - 6:45 Tue 
U13 - 6:45 Wed
U15 - 6:45 Thu
U17 - 6:45 or 8:30 Mon

What level is T-Ball?
As with most sporting organizations Softball Canada has moved to age categories, not named categories.  U9 will be the old Tyke and will be the first age group that participates in GBMSL league play.  For Hillsdale's purpose we are designing a specific 9 week program for both U7 & U5.  The program will focus on developing athletes first, and phase in sport specific skills, preparing them for eventual participation in the GBMSL (and beyond hopefully).  And yes in many cases batting will utilize a tee.

Do players need to be vaccinated in order to play?
UPDATE: Participation within GBMSL will not require vaccination, but participation with OASA events will require those 12 and older to be vaccinated.

We are working on the assumption that those under 12 will not require vaccination while those over 12 will.  As mandates change this could change as well.  If you register a player that is 12 or older please attach a copy of your QR Code Vaccination Record to your registration form.

What is the advantage of registering early?
'Early Bird' registration runs until Mar 15th, and has 2 primary benefits.  Firstly, a $25 discount on registration fees.  Secondly, spots are generally reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Who gets registration priority?
Spots are given out on a 1st come 1st served basis within the following priority groupings:

Priority #1 - Players who played last year in Hillsdale and registered within the 'Early Bird' time limit.
Priority #2 - Players who did not not play in Hillsdale last year but registered within the 'Early Bird' time limit.
Priority #3 -Everybody else

Where will our games and practices be?
Home games will mostly be in Hillsdale, Waverley, Elmvale, and Phelpston.  Away games will be at any of the other towns within the GBMSL.

How many players will be on a team?
Our ideal number for U9-U17 is 12 kids per team.

Will you have only 1 team per division?
We are willing to have multiple teams in each division if there is enough interest. 

If there are multiple teams in a division, how do you divide up the players?
Siblings will be placed on the same team, and from there players will be divided in such away to ensure both teams are competitive with each other.

How do your wait lists work?
When players register the 1st 13 will be guaranteed a spot on our 1st team.  Players 14-21 will be placed temporarily on a wait list, until 22 players have registered, at which point we will form a 2nd team of which the 22 players registered will be guaranteed a spot on 1 of the 2 teams.  That process will continue with us having no less than 11 players on a team, and no more than 13.