Recreational vs Competitive (FAQ) (Hillsdale Athletes)

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In general the Recreational Program will be the same as our normal programming from the past.  They will participate within the GBMSL (assuming it is operational again).  They will play once a week, on the same night every week within the boundaries of the league itself.  Only caveat is that we will be opting out of any weekend tournaments (except playoffs if applicable) as an organization.  Teams may participate in league run tournaments but that will be a decision made at the team level, and the costs associated will be borne by the team itself outside of registration fees.

The Competitive Program is being established to provide a more competitive option for the players that wish to commit to a more challenging program.  There will be a team selection process, and players from across the area are invited tryout for our competitive teams. They will also play within the GBMSL but will be entered in the division above their normal category (U11 Competitive will play within the U13 GBMSL Division). Teams will participate in 3 tournaments (Hillsdale Hosted Invitational, OASA Qualifier, and OASA Provincial.  Players are encouraged to participate within the GBMSL at their own age within their own centre.  The goal of the program is to create teams and players that will be able to qualify for and compete at either Eastern/Western Canadians, or Nationals at the U15 and beyond divisions.

What are the main differences between the Recreational and Competitive programs?


  Recreational Competitive
  • Lower Cost
  • Higher Cost
  • 1 Game Per Week
  • Occasional Practice
  • Same Night Each Week
  • No Weekends (U9 & U11 likely have year end weekend tournament)
  • 1 Practice Per Week
  • 3 Weekend Tournaments
  • Within Georgian Bay Area
  • Tournament play across Ontario
Team Selection
  • Teams divided equally
  • Selection / Invitation process determines roster
Team Size
  • 11-13 per team
  • 11-12 per team

When are & where are the tournaments the Competitive teams will participate in?
The OASA has released all the dates but only a few locations at this point.  All the tournaments are listed on the OASA site (

When / where are tryouts?
Dates will be released on this page (Tryout Schedule).